LYF Scholarships 

The Lake Youth Foundation wants to support hard-working and community-minded youth pursue a higher education.  LYF provides $1,000 and $500 scholarships to Lake of the Woods youth who exemplify the values of citizenship and community service. The purpose of the scholarship program is to help LOW students, who have volunteered their time and talents to better their community, pay for their tuition, fees and books.

To be considered for these scholarship opportunities, candidates must complete an application and be: 
- a graduating high school senior from a public, private or home school with a GPA of 2.5 or higher
- accepted at an accredited four-year college, community college or trade school
- a dependent of a LOW member or registered tenant whose primary residence is LOW 

Selection criteria for the scholarships will emphasize: 
- community involvement
- recommendations
- scholastic achievement

Click here to view or print the scholarship application.

Please contact Lois Powell at 540-972-6513 for more information or send an email to

Past Recipients

Class of 2020
Lindsay Latham*** Virginia Commonwealth University $1,000
Sulvanith Cruz Olivo Germanna Community College $1,000
Class of 2019
Koreina Rasnick Southern State Community College $1,000
MaryHelen Getty James Madison University $1,000
Gene Flecker Virginia Tech $1,000
Emily Duvall Virginia Wesleyan University $1,000
Nicholas Benner*** Longwood University $1,000
Class of 2018
Rachael LaDouceur * George Mason University $1,500
Dianne Cortes* Goerge Mason University $1,000
James Bridgham*** Germanna Community College $1,000
Hannah Jones Germanna Community College $1,000
Class of 2017
Kaitlyn Flecker* Virginia Tech $1,500
Max Yarrow*** University of Mary Washington $1,500
Tamara Sherman University of Virginia $1,500
Class of 2016
Madelyn Dynes* Virginia Tech $1,500
Carly Hanson* University of Mary Washington $1,000
Rachael Zello* Germanna Community College $500
Michaela Paxton* Kent State University $500
Loretta Vasi*** University of Mary Washington $1,000
Dennis Kramer**** George Mason University $1,000
Kaitlyn Johnson Lynchburg College $1,000
Rebecca Wheeler Coastal Carolina University $1,000
Paige Harlan Virginia Commonwealth University $1,000
Ian Tiblin Hampden-Sydney College $500
Noah Jones Germanna Community College $500
Class of 2015
Jessica McQuaid*  James Madison University $1,500
Alexa Mason*  William and Mary $1,000
Steven Holland***  James Madison University $1,000
Rebecca Harvey  Randolph College $1,000
Mallory Rose Davis  Coastal Carolina University $1,000
Sabrina Sherman  University of Mary Washington $1,000
Class of 2014
Tanner Kelson* University of Virginia $1,500
Kauri Dynes* University of Virginia $500
James Wachter** Christopher Newport University $1,000
Deven Petty*** Tidewater Community College $1,000
Eric Kramer Penn State University $1,000
Cecil Tiblin Hampden-Sydney College $500
Amanda Berube University of Virginia $500
Class of 2013
Lauren Neely* James Madison University $1,500
Erin Peake** Christopher Newport University $1,000
Erin Paxton Tennessee Tech University $1,000
Michaela Phillips Randolph College $500
Rebecca Phipps University of North Carolina at Wilmington $500
Lindsay Farris George Mason University $500
Class of 2012
Nicole Cohen* Germanna Community College $1,500
Chris Zimmermann** University of Mary Washington $1,000
Kourtney Monroe Germanna Community College $1,000
Class of 2011
Courtney Farrel* James Madison University $1,000
Danielle Amoruso** Christopher Newport University $1,000
Danielle Amador Germanna Community College $1,000
Amber Breeden Christopher Newport University $500
Kelsey Brodkin Germanna Community College $500
Allyson Dodson University of Mary Washington $500
Hannah MacDonald Bridgewater College $500
Class of 2010
Kevin Paxton* Virginia Commonwealth University $1,000
Luis Amador West Chester University $1,000
Timothy Barr University of Mary Washington $500
Mary Beth Britten Virginia Tech $500
Jonathan Moon Virginia Commonwealth University $500
Tara McGinley Germanna Community College $500
Class of 2009
Wangui Gichane* Virginia Tech $1,000
Kate Searcy James Madison University $1,000
Daniel Allen Germanna Community College $500
Christina Harvey Pfeiffer University $500
Joshua Moon Virginia Commonwealth University $500
Antonia Tribble Virginia Commonwealth University $500
Class of 2008
Logan Chesire Randolph College $1,000
Robbie Davis University of Mary Washington $500
Keegan George Clemson University $500
Daniel Hawkins Virginia Commonwealth University $500
Amanda Neely Virginia Commonwealth University $500
Class of 2007
Brendan Wesolowski Full Sail University $1,000
Shayne Storey Bethany College $1,000
Victoria Ann Deren George Mason University $500

* LOW Lioness Scholarship Recipient
** Susan Allen Republican Women Scholarship Recipient
*** Vicky Shew Scholarship Recipient
****Connor's Pest Protection Recipient